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Healthy employees play an important role in the success of every business. As GPI continues to exceed expectations in wellness, we have created a Circuit Workout Program for corporate employees. Our circuit training program enhances and boosts your typical exercise routines by combining cardio and strength stations. Short intervals completed at high intensities improves both your cardiovascular health and muscular strength.


GPI Wellness provides a complete package of:

Promotional Flyers  |  Circuit Stations
Posters with Instructions & Exercise Modifications
Music with Timed Intervals & Vocal Prompts
Introductory Classes to Launch the Program

Our circuit program is appropriate for all fitness levels, and incorporating GPI Wellness into your corporate fitness center is a great way to promote wellness and improve typical workout routines. For a company with different shifts and employee hours, our program can fit any employee's schedule. Please contact Sara at for more information about bringing GPI Wellness to your company. GPI Wellness can customise packages to accommodate individual specific needs.


Right: KCAB Board Employee Circuit Program currently being run by GPI

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